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AA2204 Frequently Asked Questions

Could you use this to connect an Ethernet router on one end that has an RJ45 cable, to a coaxial cable that has a BNC connector using the Balun, then across the coaxial cable to another BNC connector, plugged into another balun, then to another router that also only supports RJ45, the entire link using Ethernet?
No, the balun allows you to extend an existing coaxial Ethernet system using Cat5e or Cat6 cable as a replacement for the coaxial cable.

I have a LAN 10, 100 BASE-T RJ45 connector with magnetic module. I would like to use network analyser to test some specifications of it. But A matching balun must be used to convert the 50 ohms of output impedance of test instrument into the primary input impedance of the device under test. I do not know whether BNC 50 ohm plug to RJ45 BALUN meets our demand or not?
We do not know. Should be OK for a quick check but for calibration work you will need a reference balun.

Can you provide power on this connector?
No, you can not provide power to this connector.

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