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AA2550, AA2551 Frequently Asked Questions

Will this switch box allow several peripherals, e.g. digital cameras, to be connect to one computer and can gender changers be used with it?
Usually you would use a USB hub to connect multiple USB devices to a single PC.
Yes, USB gender changers do fit.

We wish to connect both our laptops to a single printer via USB connection. My computer is XP and my partner's is VISA. Would this be able to do this for us and is this presently the best method in order to do so if you don't want to do so wirelessly?
Yes, this is suitable. It is a simple switch connect one or the other PC to the printer. There is no software. There are other alternatives, e.g. network printer servers, but these tend to require addition configuration.

We are trying to use this to share the use of a Kodak i40 scanner between two users. Is there additional software required, any setting I need to check on the computers?
There is no additional software or configuration providing the scanner works when plugged directly into the computers.

Does it work at USB 2.0 speed, 480 Mbps?
Yes, this switch box is compatible with USB 2.0 speed of 480 Mbps.

Can this switch box work connect to a printer with one of the other connections going to a computer and the other going to a wireless printer server?
Yes, it should work.

Will this work between 2 Macs and work with my USB Hub plugged into the I/O to operate all my USB devices?
Yes, it will work with your USB hub and Macs.

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