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Cable, Network Acronyms, Glossary and Terms - P

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PABX, PBX: Private Branch eXchange. This equipment provides the functiality to place calls on hold hold, transfer or redirect from your telephone when connected to and you are using a PABX.

PDU: protocol Data Unit, information packet (ADDR, CTRL, INFO) passed as one level between protocol stacks, OSI

Peer to Peer: A network architecture where computers connect directly with other computers without the need for servers.

Phono Connector: A common name for the physical extruding pin and ring connection. Widely used for video or audio signals, it is also called RCA. Can be converted to a BNC plug with an adapter.

Plug: The male connector usually containing a centre pin.

Power Calculation: The following formula is used to calculate wattage (or VA). This formula is useful to determine if a required voltage and current combination will exceed the maximum capacity of a particular AC adapters case.

Volts x Amps = Watts (VA)

PSTN: Public switched telephone network, the telco owned dial up network.

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