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Cable, Network Acronyms, Glossary and Terms

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S-Video: See S-VHS

Also known a s-video

A 4 pin connector that sends video only signals in separate luminance, brightness and chrominance, colour components. Better quality than composite and it can be used to send signals over longer distances.

Especially TVs of the higher price segment offer an additional S-video input. "S" means super and shall clarify that this standard offers a better quality than normal Composite. The S-video standard transmits video signals on two lines. On one line you find a b/w picture and on the other line there is the belonging colour information. By splitting the picture into these parts the interference effects can be avoided. Also most devices which can handle S-video use the full resolution of the PAL or the NTSC standards. This leads to a sharper image than with Composite.

The disadvantage is that two lines are required for signal transmission instead of one. Also special connectors are necessary, normal BNC/coax connectors can´t be used.

Using this connection in the UK can some times result in a black and white picture. This is due to the equipment using different s-vhs, s-video signalling, typical PAL or NTSC.

SCART Connector:

A common way of connecting TV and video equipment. The SCART will send video and audio signals. Unless a SCART is bi-directional, it will only send signals in one direction. For example, a SCART-IN can be used to send a signal in to a display but not to get a signal out of a satellite box. SCART to Phono (video and stereo audio) and SCART to S-VHS adapters are available. Unless a SCART socket is wired for S-VHS, a SCART to S-VHS adapter. Will only give a black and white picture.

SCART pin connections


Server: A computing device that provides a service to users on a network (clients). An example is a file server that stores and maintains documents for retrieval.

Shielding: A conductive foil or braid that covers insulated wires in a cable. The shield provides electrical grounding and protection from external electromagnetic interference (EMI). Shielding is also used to control internal electromagnetic radiation.

Signal: The signal is the audio or vide information sent down the wire.

Small Computer System Interface (SCSI): A peripheral interface that is used to connect devices to a computer.
Star: The most common network topology where each node is connected to a central point. Advantageous because if one part of the star is lost the network remains intact.

SMT: Station management, NMS for FDDI

SONET: Synchronous Optical Network

Soldering: A means of securing an electrical contact to a wire by heating a low alloy of tin and lead also known as "solder".

Solid Wire (or Conductor): One strand of wire. Usually less flexible, lower in cost and lower in resistance than stranded wire of the same AWG. Solid wire is typically used in permanent installations where flexing does not occur.

S/PDIF:Also known as Sony/Philips Digital Interface Format#

Speaker Connections:

Stereo mixer to PC

Strain Relief: A method of protecting the wire to contact point from flexing or pulling.

Stranded Wire (or Conductor): Multiple small AWG strands of wire that are put together to make a flexible wire with similar electrical properties as a similar solid wire. Stranded wires are usually used in data cabling.

Surround Sound

Switch: A switch is a multiport bridge that segregates different portions of a network for faster network access (See Basic Ethernet Theory - right).

Synchronous Optical Network, SONET: A Bellcore and ANSI standard that defines transmission of synchronous and time sensitive (ex: real time video) information. SONET provides a way for world-wide carriers to connect equipment.

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