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How can I connect my stereo mixer to a computer sound card for recording?

We recommend using the main outputs of the mixer to send signal to the inputs of the computer or sound card. You will need to investigate which type of audio connector your sound card uses and you will probably need to obtain some adapter cables. You should be using the "line" level inputs on the sound card. Be careful not to use the sound cards microphone input, you might get some signal but it will not sound very good!

Depending on the configuration of your mixer, you can use a stereo channel input, a "stereo aux return", or the "tape in" connectors to feed the output of the sound card back into the desk. As before, you will need to use the correct type of adapter cable. It is essential to check the routing of this input, otherwise you risk creating a feedback loop. You should refer to the instruction manual of the mixer for more details about routing the inputs.

To monitor your recording, your console is equipped with an extra output section, which is labelled "control room / phones". This output section has it is own level control, and its own routing switches. Certain models are also equipped with a "pfl/solo" function - which opens up more flexible monitoring possibilities. This function is explained in more detail in the instruction manual.

With regard to the main supply of electricity - it is a very good idea to use a multiple connector socket to supply power to all audio devices, including the computer and screen, from one mains receptacle. The majority of domestic supplies will deliver the necessary current. This layout will reduce the likelihood of creating earth loops in the audio system. Computer monitor screens should be kept away from audio devices like active loudspeakers or electric guitars. If you still cannot eliminate mains hum - you should connect a DI box in the audio path between the mixer and the sound card.

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